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Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing well. Have you come here to learn some new dishes for this Eid festival? You have come to the right place because today we will discuss how you can prepare some new dishes for the upcoming Eid for your family members.

What is Eid? 

Eid is one of the Muslim festivals which they celebrate after fasting for one month. It’s called the “Meethi eid” which means sweet eid. So most of the time people make sweet dishes and send them to their relatives as a sign of celebration. It is obvious that you want to prepare the recipe, but don’t know where to start, so the following content will teach you 9 sweet dishes for Eid.

 9 Sweet Dishes for Eid 

9 Eid recipes

These are some of the dishes that you can serve to your guests during the Eid festival.

Sheer khurma 

Sheer khurma

Sheer khurma is the first thing that comes to our mind when we think about making some sweet dish for the Eid festival. I know you must have eaten but today we are going to show you how to prepare it. 

A desert commonly prepared with milk, vermicelli, and nuts and dried fruit is sheer khurma. It’s quite popular in Asian countries. 


  • Vermicelli 1/2 cup 
  • Pistachios 1/4 cup 
  •  Almonds  1/4 cup 
  •  Cashews 1/4 cup 
  •  pitted dates  12
  • ghee 2 tablespoons 
  • Raisins 1/4 cup
  • 1/4 cup shredded unsweetened coconut 
  • 1 tablespoon white poppy seeds 
  • 5 cups milk 
  • sugar ¼  cup 
  • 1 pinch saffron 
  • Vanilla 1 teaspoon 

How to prepare sheer khurma? 


Take a bowl and put ½ cup ghee and Heart ghee on the stovetop and then put all the dry fruits. Like nuts, almonds, Pistachios, and dates etc. 

Before preparing the sheer khurma make sure to remove the skin of Pistachios and almond and then cut it into thin slices. Roast it for about 2 minutes. 

Also, add some coconuts and raisins and roast it for 2 minutes. Now put thin vermicelli in the pot and roast it. 

Add 3 cup milk, 1 pinch saffron and ¼ cup sugar. Now cook it on a medium flame for 5 to 10 minutes. Until the vermicelli becomes soft or sheer khurma starts boiling. 

For some time, stir the mixture.  Put one tsp vanilla and stir. 

Once again add milk and leave it to cool down. Cooler temperatures will make it thicker. 

Now put the sheer khurma in the beautiful bowl and serve it. 

Gulab  Jamun

Gulab jamun

A sweet dish called gulab jamun is considered to be a celebratory food. You might be wondering how to prepare it as we always bring it from the bakeries and sweet shops. 

So let’s prepare it. 

We have to prepare jamun and sweet syrup as well. 


  • milk powder ¾ cup (100 grams) 
  • All-purpose flour ½ cup (60 grams) 
  • baking powder ½ tsp
  • ghee2 tbsp 
  • milk (for kneading)
  • ghee or oil (for frying)

For sugar syrup:

  • Sugar 2 cup 
  • Water 2 cup 
  • 2 cardamom
  • saffron / kesar ¼ tsp 
  • lemon juice1 tsp 
  • Rose water 1 tsp 


How to prepare Gulab jamun?

For preparing the gulab jamun recipe, put 3 cups of milk powder,half a cup of all-purpose flour, and half a teaspoon of baking powder in a large bowl. Now mix it.

Additionally, add two tablespoons of ghee and mix well, making the flour moist.

 Make a soft dough by combining flour with milk. Here we don’t need to knead the dough. Now the dough is ready. Cover it and leave it for 10 minutes. 

Prepare the syrup 

Make the sugar syrup by combining two cups of sugar, two cups of warm water, two cardamom pods, and ¼  teaspoon of saffron. Now Mix well and boil it until the syrup gets too sticky. 

Once the syrup has boiled, add 1 tsp lemon juice and 1 tsp rose water. Cover the pot and leave it.  

Let the dough rest for 10 minutes. After that, prepare the small balls. Make sure not to use the ones which have cracks. 

Now take the pot and put oil in it. Put the balls in the oil and cook it on medium flame. Fry the balls until golden brown in colour. 

Now take the jamun from the oil and transfer it to hot syrup. Leave it until the balls absorb enough syrup. 

Now your gulab jamun is ready. 


Sago Custard with jelly 

Sago custard

Sago custard is quite different from normal custard. This recipe is something you have not had before. But it’s the best idea to make it on the beautiful occasion of Eid.  


  • Milk 2 cup
  • Sago ¼ cup 
  • custard powder 2 tablespoon 
  • Sugar 1/2 cup 
  • strawberry jelly 1 packet 
  • Pineapple jelly 1 packet 
  • 1/4 cup cold milk

Prepare the sago custard 

So to prepare the sago custard you have to soak the sago in water for 2 hours before preparing the recipe. 

You can prepare the jelly before starting the recipe. So take the jelly and put it in any container and freeze it. Boil the milk slowly in a saucepan and add sugar and sago. Do not add any water until it starts to boil. For 15 minutes or until the sago puffs up and becomes transparent, cook sago with milk. Put 1/4 cup cold milk into a bowl with 2 tablespoons of custard powder. Add the milk mixture to the boiling milk. 

The custard must be cooked on low heat for about five to seven minutes, stirring constantly. Take the custard off the heat and let it cool down slightly. Serve the sago custard in the shot glasses, topped with the pineapple jelly cubes, and let it chill for 3 – 4 hours before serving.  Also add chopped strawberries, apples, bananas and your choice of nuts. 

Sago custard is ready now. 

Shahi tukra

Shahi tukra 

The recipe Shahi tukra is one of the favourites for many people but you can make it to serve guests and for an occasion like eid. But you must be wondering how to make it? So let’s start making. 


  • bread slices  5
  • Milk 3 cups
  • sweetened condensed milk   250 gm
  • butter  2 – 4 tbsp
  • yellow food color
  • almonds 
  • sweet whipped cream  

How to prepare Shahi tukra

Well, shahi tukra can be prepared with the help of bread slices so take 5 bread slides but make sure to cut the edges of the bread. Then butter the bread slices in a flat pan to a golden brown, then flip the sandwiches and add another tbsp. of butter. Most people fry the bread in a typical Shahi turkey recipe. I like toasting it with a little butter instead of frying it. Now add milk to the pan. Heat the milk until it reaches half its original volume on medium heat. and continuously stir it. Now add 250 gm sweetened condensed milk and 10 minutes on low heat. Then turn off the heat. Spread the mixture on toast bread slices and allow the dough to cool for 1 hour. 

The recipe for shahi tukray is now ready, so garnish with almonds,and plain cream to enhance the flavour. If you don’t have those ingredients, use regular cream instead.



How can we forget garela when looking for some sweet recipe? Have you ever tried Gajrela recipes? If not then you have missed a very beautiful recipe. So let’s get ready to prepare Gajrela for the upcoming Eid.


  • Rice  1/2 cup
  • Milk 1.5  kg
  • Carrots 2 medium
  • Sweetened milk  400 gm 
  • Almonds  25
  • Cardamom powder  1/2 tsp
  • Kewra water 2 tbsp (For good smell). 

Preparing Gajrela

The gajrela recipe can be prepared by soaking 1/2 cup white rice for 2-3 hours, then blending it up with 1 cup of water and 20 almonds. Make sure not to make a paste that is too fine; rather, chop them until you can just see tiny bits of rice and almonds.

Put 1 carrot in a hand grater or blinder and grate. Set aside. Boil milk in a large pan over medium heat for 10 minutes. Add 1/2 tsp cardamom powder while whisking continuously.  After 10 minutes, milk will have reduced, add condensed milk into it and stir again for 2 minutes. Next, add chopped rice and almonds we made before. Cook for 15-20 minutes.

Now add food color as necessary, to achieve a light pinkish color…there is no need to add food color if you are using regular cooking ingredients. Stir in grated carrots for 2 minutes on low heat. Add Kewra water and mix well. 

The gajrela is ready, all these cooking steps will take 25-30 minutes. It is important to stir it continuously on medium to high heat. The taste of the gajrela depends entirely on how well you stir it, without burning the bottom.

Ras Malai

I bet you, you must have eaten the ras malai recipe but you know you can make ras malai recipe on Eid? It’s quite a famous recipe and most people love it especially children’s. But you must be wondering how to prepare it for the upcoming Eid right? Here is all the instruction for making the Ras Malai recipe.

Banana pancake Recipe

Cakes make happy occasions even happier since they bring everyone joy, so if you are capable of making other types of cakes than the usual routine then you will receive all the appreciation. Not everyone can make a Banana pancake Recipe So how to make this cake? You can find the recipe for banana pancakes here.

Chocolate cupcakes

Eid ul Azha is known as the sweet Eid as well. Because it brings happiness and children’s are happier than normal people. What if you make them happier by making their favorite recipes? Chocolate cake is one of the most favorite recipes of children’s and I think this upcoming Eid you should try this recipe. So you will get the recipe for Chocolate cupcake here.

Apple pudding Custard

Custard is also know as the delicious sweet dish and It’s quite famous in our daily routine because of it’s flavors. You might just have eaten some custard flavors But did you ever tried apple pudding custard? Let’s prepare it. Get all the instruction of making apple pudding custard here.

Final Verdict

It is impossible to celebrate an occasion if you do not eat something delicious. How can we overlook making a sweet dish for Eid? Before reading the content you might be confused, but now you have 9 different sweet dish ideas for Eid. Let us know how your recipe turned out and how you enjoyed the Eid.

Note: Feel free to share this recipe with your friends and family members so that they can also get some ideas.

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