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Hello everyone. I hope you all feeling well and enjoying your life.  As an office person or a businessman, are you wondering about making instant breakfast in the morning? Or maybe you need a quick breakfast or lunch idea for your children, right? We have brought a quick recipe that is instant, easy and delicious as well. The recipe is Bread Pizza. You can make the bread pizza within 5 minutes.

The recipe can be used for evening tea, as well as. So, are you interested in making pizza bread? Take the mentioned ingredients and follow the step by step process.

Ingredients for bread pizza

  • Ketchup 3 spoon
  • Mayoness 3 spoon
  • Salt
  • Chat Masala
  • Crushed chili half spoon
  • Bread
  • Capsicum 2 color
  • Cheese
  • Olive

Super fast sandwich pizza with bread

Prepare the sauce for bread pizza

                                                                   Before making the bread, pizza prepares the sauce.  Take a small bowl and put three spoon ketchup also add three spoons Mayoness as well.  Add some salt, One spoon chat masala and put half spoon crushed red chilli. Mix all the ingredients for some time.

Put the ingredients on the bread

                                                                 As you can see, the recipe is not taking the time. So, take two pieces of bread and put the sauce on it with the spoon’s help, fill all the corners. No, take two colours, capsicum green and red. Cut into small pieces put on the bread.

For bread pizza, you can take other vegetables as well for good taste. We will also use cheese, so crush the cheese and put on the bread with capsicum. Like other pizza, use olive. Cut into a ring shape and put four to five pieces on the bread.

Cook the bread on Tawa

                             Now when the bread is ready, take a Tawa. Please turn on the heat. When the Tawa is hot, put the bread on the Tawa and cover it. After three to four minutes, your bread will be ready.

You can also use microwave Owen for cooking purposes.

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So, your pizza is ready. The recipe is instant and can be cooked within minutes if you or your child is getting late for school and office. You have the instant and best option now. So try the recipe and give us feedback about your experience. For the daily recipes, connect with us through your email.

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