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As an adult, we all love fast food more than homemade food and that’s the reason we visit restaurants not matter which time is it. But sometimes at night, we can’t go to the restaurants so why not learn to make some delicious dishes at home? Hey food lovers. We are back with the easy recipe which can be cooked in a minute. Today we will prepare Pizza Sandwich Recipe without chicken. So take the ingredients and follow the instruction.

Ingredients for Pizza Sandwich Recipe

  • Onion 30 gm
  • Tomato 30 gm
  • Capsicum 20 gm
  • Ketchup mayo 3 tsp
  • Crushed Red chili half tsp
  • Cheese
  • Olive

How to make Pizza Sandwich Recipe?

Prepare the topping

For making Pizza Sandwich Recipe we need some toping which can be chicken or anything but as we are making it for those who love vegetables as we are not going to use chicken. So, prepare the topping by using vegetables. Take a bowl and take 30 gm onion then cut it into very tinny pieces. Also, take 30 gm tomato and cut in small pieces and capsicum 20 gm cut it in small pieces.

Now take ½ spoon of ketchup and ½ mayoness and put in the bowl. Mix it with the other vegetables properly.

Add spices

How is it possible not to use spices in the pizza? Yes, you can use red chilli powder as well as crushed red chilli. But in the recipe, we are going to use cursed red chilli for good taste so put half tsp in the bowl and mix it with the paste. You can also add some salt if you love more salty food.

Take two slices of bread and place some ketchup. It up to you to either place ketchup on only one slice or place it on two. Now put the toping in one of the bread slices and then cover it with 2nd bread slice. As we are preparing pizza it means we s need cheese as well. So put some cheese on the bread slice and then put it in the microwave oven. Bake it for three minutes but before putting it in the oven make sure to garnish it with olive, red chili, or anything you want.

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After 3 minutes of baking in the oven now our recipe is ready. You can see that the smoky Pizza Sandwich Recipe is now ready. I am sure you are eagerly waiting for this pizza. So why are you waiting? Prepare it and share your experience with us.

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