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Hello everyone. How are you all doing? Our audience is not growing day by day that makes us happy to see many new people are interested to learn cooking skills. Cooking is not just for the housewife, but it’s a skill you can make a restaurant. So, you already know we are here with the new delicious recipe to guess what we are going to make today?

I am sure you can’t Because today we have brought a new sweet dish. The name of the recipe is Mango delight. Did you ever try a delicious mango delight recipe? We are here to teach you how to make it quickly. We have mentioned the list of essential ingredients we will be used in the recipe. Take it and follow the process.

Ingredients for Mango delight recipe

  • Biscuit crushed 1 cup
  • sugar 3 tsp
  • Almond 6 to 8
  • mango cubes 1 cup
  • custard 3 tsp
  • mango pulp 1 cup
  • milk two glass

How to make mango delight recipe

Prepare the custard  

To make the quick and easy mango delight recipe first, we have to prepare the custard. So, take the small bowl and put 3 tsp custard. Also, take two glass milk in the jug. Now take another small bowl and put all some milk and then put all the custard. Mix the custard and milk properly with the spoon.

Cook the custard

After preparing the custard, take a deep pan and put all the milk from the jug. Cook the milk on the medium flam and don’t forget to add some sugar. In the recipe, we are using many sweets ingredients, so don’t put so much sugar in the milk.

When the milk starts boiling, put all the custard in the milk. While adding custard, make sure to mix it with a spoon continuously. Now cook the custard on low flame and constantly use a spoon to mix it. It will take about 5 minutes. By the time the custard will become thicker.

After cooking the custard now cool it. Then add one cup of mango pulp in the cool custard. With the help of mango pulp, the custard will change its colour.

Garnish the mango delight

For garnishing the mango delight recipe take the glass or any bowl and place the first layer of the sweets biscuit powder (Take some biscuits and make the powder out of it). Now put some mango cubes and then put cold custard. Again put the biscuit powder and also put some mango cubes. Also, you can use some dry fruits as well. We are using some almonds, you can use any dry fruit.

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Mango delight recipe is ready. As you can see, the recipe is so delicious and easy. I am sure you don’t have any question about the time because the recipe is not time-consuming. So gives us your positive feedback as well as after making the recipe share your experience with us and don’t forget to share the recipe with other sweet lovers.

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