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While working or having a demanding schedule, it’s sometimes challenging to manage lengthy cooking recipes, So, at that time, you want to prepare something instantly. Hello everyone. I hope you are doing well. Children always have the best option for cooking noodles what about you? You can also prepare delicious noodles any time by adding some important. In this recipe, we are going to use some vegetables to make it more delicious. So how to make mix vegetable noodles? Take the mentioned ingredients and follow the step by step process.

Ingredients for Mixed vegetable noodles

  • Onion medium size (50gm
  • Cabbage 50 gm
  • Oil
  • Capsicum medium size 25gm
  • Peas 50gm
  • Tomato 50gm
  • Carrot 50 gm
  • Eggs optional
  • Green chili optional
  • Noodles 4 packs

Mix vegetables noodles

Preparing vegetables in the pan

To make the mixed vegetable recipe, it’s necessary to use some relatively healthy vegetables. First, take the frying pan, put two big spoons cooking oil, and turn on the stove. Now put 50gm onion and Cut into small piece and then start frying the onion until it changes its color to brown after adding it.

Now add 50gm peas. It would be good if you boil the peas as I have added raw peas. Start cooking it on medium flame. Now take 50gm tomatoes and cut into a small piece, then put into the pan. You can add vegetables of your choice also you can also reduce the number of vegetables depending on your mood as I am taking four packs of noodles. It can be enough for five people.

Add two tablespoons of water so that it is easy to cook as an onion has also started decreasing the water, and some of the Other vegetables also decrease the water, so add a little less water. You can also add some green chili as I am making it for elders, but if you are making it for children, then don’t add. Add some small pieces of carrot. Put 50gm cabbage and then 25gm Capsicum. You can also add some eggs if you want eggs to taste in noodles. It would be a desi dish, and it is suitable for health you can also add Chicken. If not, skip Chicken.

Preparing boiled Noodles

Take three water glasses in a pan, then put noodles cake in it and start to cook it until noodles start boiling. These noodles cook very quickly in about five to seven minutes but make sure not to retain any water. Add spices of noodles If you want to add some other spices of your own choice, mix boiled vegetable

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Finally, mix vegetable noodles are ready. You can see it can be cooked quickly. So, prepare it for your children as well as elders and enjoy it. After making the delicious recipe, please share your experience with us, and don’t forget to share it with others.

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