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Asian countries are famous for cooking delicious biryani, and I am sure you also have eaten delicious biryani. Still, today we are cooking a biryani which is quite different from the others. Hello everyone. How are you all doing? We are happy that through our recipes, people are learning cooking. That’s why today we have brought a brand-new recipe which is peas chicken biryani. So take the ingredients and follow the step by step process.

Ingredients for peas chicken biryani

  • Peas (250gm)
  • Tomato (medium size 2)
  • Onion (1)
  • Chicken boneless (200gm)
  • Rice (half kg)
  • Black cardamom (3)
  • Cumin seeds (half tsp)
  • Cinnamon (2sticks)
  • Black pepper (half tsp)
  • Nutmeg (half)
  • Clove (4 to 5)
  • Green chilli (4 to 5)
  • Mace (2 to 3)
  • Salt
  • Whole pepper (1tsp)
  • Ginger garlic powder (half tsp)
  • Cooking oil (half cup)

How to make peas chicken recipe?

Prepare the spices for peas

Take a deep pan and heat up (half cup) cooking oil if you don’t have cooking oil you can also use ghee—Cook oil/ghee at medium flame. Take the onion, cut it into small pieces, put onion in the pan, and fry it until onion changes its colour to light brown. Now add spices So put three black cardamoms, two cinnamon sticks, half nutmeg, four clove and three maces. Don’t brown the onions too much; brown it lightly. After washing boneless chicken, take it and cut the chicken in cubic shape. I am cooking it in half kg of rice, so I m adding (200gm) of chicken. You can increase the quantity if you are making it for more people.

Now add half kg of peas and fry it well. Peas chicken biryani is quite famous are it can be cooked more delicious.  Also, add half tsp ginger/garlic powder and salt as for taste. Fry it all together.

Now add more spices for good taste, so add 1tsp red chili and 1 tsp whole spices powder. Now I’m taking green chili and cut it freely and then put in the pan. After this, take a tomato and cut it in small pieces then add. You can also use yoghurt if you want. Put half glass water and cook all together until the chicken and get ready.  After 20 minutes, the masala is ready.

Preparing rice for pies chicken biryani

Take the pan for boiling the rice and put some spices. You have to add some spices in water, So put 2 sticks cinnamon, half tsp cumin, salt(as for taste) and 2 to 3clove. Now cover the pan until water boils.

After boiling water adds half kg of rice in it and again cover the pan for twenty minutes until the rice is cooked properly. After 20 minutes, the rice is ready to add a 1/4 cup of oil, so the rice doesn’t stick with the pan.

Mixing spice of peas chicken with rice

Take a pan then also apply oil before folding the biryani then put the first layer of rice, and then apply the second layer with the peas spice and again put rice. Mix rice and spices together. In the end, don’t forget to add food color. Cover the rice and let it rest for twenty minutes.

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Finally, let’s have our hot biryani ready. Enjoy peas chicken biryani with your beloved friends and family and share your experience with us.

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