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Kawa is a traditional to drink for all of us also in winter season we always love some hot drinks.  Kawa is basically tea with the flavour of different spices which is also good for health. Hello, everyone, I hope you all are doing well. So today we are back with the winter special recipe which will also protect you from throat, flu and chest infection? Are you still wondering for making an easy recipe of kawa for the winter season? So, take the Mentioned ingredients and follow the process.

Ingredients for winter special kawa

  • Nutmeg 1/4 pieces
  • Black cardamom 1 piece
  • Cardamom 3 pieces
  • Cinnamon 3 sticks
  • Cloves 3 to 4
  • Green tea half spoon optional
  • Fennel 1 tsp
  • Jaggery 1 tsp
  • Water 1 glass

Grind the ingredients

For making winter special Kawa First you have to take all ingredients and then grind it So take black cardamom, green cardamom and clove. Grind it with tool don’t grind too much.

Because of cold days, lots of people complain about the flu, chest infection which spread very fast so that’s great for these issues you can take this kawa twice a day if you want to make it once then make one time and also use it for another time. This is very useful. This is the cure for blood pressure patients.

Boil the Kawa

First, take a pan to add one glass of water then heat up the water. Now take jaggery and grind it add one tsp jaggery in water. When jaggery mixed in water then we are going to add other ingredients. If you do not have jaggery you can also add honey or shakkar if you don’t have all of this, you can use fennel but don’t use sugar.

Now add other ingredients

 Now add some ingredients for making the winter special Kawa.  So put nutmeg 1/4 pieces, black cardamom 1-piece, green cardamom 3 pieces, cinnamon 3 sticks, cloves3 to 4, green tea half spoon (optional) and fennel 1tsp. These ingredients are commonly used at home so it won’t be bad for our health. It’s good for the winter season. You can take this kawa two times a day. But the kawa is not good for children.

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After boiling kawa for five to ten minutes, turn off the stove then enjoy winter special kawa in this winter season. So how was the recipe? Must prepare the recipe and share your experience with us. Also, share with your friends and family.

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